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We help you get the best deal.

If you dread getting a new car because the process sucks all of the joy out of the purchase, you’ve come to the right place!  Automobiles are typically the second largest purchase a person will make and it should be enjoyable.

We help you plan, budget, and choose your car, then do all of the negotiating for you.  Once we’ve got you the best deal, we’ll help you decide if products such as GAP Insurance and Service Contracts are beneficial to you, negotiate financing terms, then have the dealership print your paperwork and go over it with you away from the dealership.  Once you’ve approved everything, we’ll return the signed paperwork to the dealer and you can take delivery of your new vehicle.  Most of our customers never have to set foot in the dealership at all.

We care about you, even if you’re not a customer.  If you’d like to buy the car without our help, please visit our blog and YouTube Channel for a variety of information, tips, and tricks regarding vehicle purchases and related topics.  Before you go, arm yourself with the inside information that we use every day to negotiate on behalf of our clients.

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What We Offer

We pride ourselves on being gurus in every aspect of the vehicle purchase process. From planning to scheduling your first maintenance visit, we have you covered.  

Finding the Right Vehicle

With no experience, finding the right car for you and your family, while keeping your wallet happy, can be virtually impossible.  We’ll help you know up-front what you can expect and together meet or exceed your goals. 

Auto Finance Expertise

Getting a great deal includes getting the best loan terms and interest rates.  In fact, this is where the dealership makes the most money. Our staff consists of veteran dealership finance managers.  We’re up to date on current loan rates, and know everything there is to know about credit.  We’ll not only make sure you aren’t taken advantage of, but we’ll negotiate with the dealer for better than average terms.

Expedited Process

With knowledge, experience, and a relationship with several dealers throughout Florida, we have an average delivery time of around 24 to 48 hours from our first meeting.








Money Back Guarantee








Nothing matters more to us than customer satisfaction.  If, for any reason, you’re not happy with the service you receive from us; you will not be charged for our service.  There are no conditions, no catches, and no excuses.