Florida Provides 35 Different Military Plates For Veterans

For those of you who have served and been honorably discharged, here are the Florida Military Plates available to you as veterans.  For those who haven’t, here are the license plates you can watch for, on the road,  if you’d like to thank a vet.  

Florida currently provides 35 different military-themed tags for veterans.  They range from simply saying “veteran”, “National Guard”, or “Reserve” to “Medal of Honor Recipient”.   There are a just a few rules and (contrary to everything else veteran-related) very little paperwork.   A dealership can file the paperwork for these plates on your behalf.  You can find a list of required documents at the bottom of the page.

Without Further Adieu, here are your tag options:

General Plates

Veteran – For any honorably discharged veteran

Woman Veteran – For any honorably discharged female veteran

National Guard – For members of and retirees from the Florida National Guard

U.S. Reserve – For members of and retirees from all five branches of reserve forces

Campaign Plates

Operation Desert Shield

Operation Desert Storm

Operation Enduring Freedom 

Operation Iraqi Freedom 

Korean War Veteran 

Vietnam War Veteran 

World War II Veteran

Combat Action

Combat Infantry Badge

Combat Medic Badge

Combat Action Badge

Combat Action Ribbon

Air Force Combat Action Medal

Purple Heart

Specialty Schools

U.S. Paratrooper (and Air Assault) 

Navy Submariner


Disabled Veteran

Disabled Veteran with Wheelchair 

Disabled Veteran [Motorcycle]

Paralyzed Veterans of America

Paralyzed Veterans of America – Motorcycle

Medals and Awards

Air Force Cross

Navy Cross

Distinguished Service Cross

Silver Star

Distinguished Flying Cross


These are the license plates for which I will go way out of my way to thank the driver for his or her service.  You may even see uniformed, non-uniformed, and veteran personnel salute these people. Please note that this is not meant to detract from the service of others.  

Air Force Medal of Honor Recipient

Navy Medal of Honor Recipient

Army Medal of Honor Recipient

Gold Star Family (Immediate family of a U.S. Service-member killed in action)

EX-POW (Prisoner of War)

Pearl Harbor Survivor


All of these Florida Military Plates require proof of eligibility (i.e. DD214) and one of the following forms: HSMV 83035, HSMV 83030, RS-17, RS-18, and RS16.  A list of what form goes with what tag, along with links to the forms themselves, can be found on the Florida Tax Collector’s Site HERE.

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