I absolutely loved my experience with Shawn. He was incredibly responsive and changed our entire experience for the better.

In the past, I’ve had a few encounters with purchasing vehicles that left me feeling robbed and dirty, even when I didn’t even buy the vehicle! Shawn took all of that feeling away. We even laughed a little about the people I had run into in the past. We’ve all been there. They’re not all bad, but boy have I found a few gems.

Right from the beginning, he wanted to know what we were looking for. We all have different vehicle preferences, but he is knowledgeable about a variety–and has the hook ups to find you the deal you want.

While Shawn was working, my entire family got their hair done at the salon. We were able to still spend our day off with our scheduled errands and honestly, I loved not having to worry about searching for the car. While we sat in the salon, Shawn was calling dealerships and searching for our perfect car.

We were in contact with Shawn through the process, but less than 24 hours after our original meeting, he found our car. We drove up to the dealership, where he told us the pros and cons of the specific vehicle, waited while we test drove and then when I thought the hard part was done for him, he stuck around and did more work.

Honestly, the contractual paperwork part makes me very nervous. I worry I’ll be taken advantage of or have to agree to something I don’t necessarily want–they do like to bundle warranty packages together or use jargon you don’t quite understand. Shawn interpreted. Shawn broke down the warranty for us into what we need and what we could leave behind. He built the warranty we wanted and made sure we didn’t sign anything we didn’t understand first. Most importantly, he was making sure we got what was best for us, not for the finance department.

From start to finish, his work was amazing. Not only did he search for us, he also advocated for us. He wasn’t going to let us leave not loving our vehicle and the entire process.

I would recommend him all day every day, start to finish. Even if you love doing the car shopping yourself, the customer advocacy portion is an extremely valuable service.

Lauren DeHann – Tampa, Fl.

Deal pros has been really professional and gone above and beyond to try to help me get the car I really wanted! Shawn is such a nice guy and really took the time to listen to me and my concerns. He even had an associate follow up with me on a weekend on something important we were working on. Unfortunately the car I thought I wanted didn’t work out because the trunk was too tiny when I saw it in person but I still ended up with a vehicle that fits my family’s needs and would 100% recommend working with this company! I’ll be recommending them to anyone I know who needs a new vehicle in the future!

Hollie Dunivan – Apollo Beach, FL.

Helped me buy my 2016 Honda HRV while being many states away! The price was exactly what I wanted and it was a smooth process.

Danielle Gannett – Apollo Beach, Fl.